1) IABC Southern Region Chapter Representatives ratified the following Board slate for 2019–2020 during the Annual General Meeting via conference call in May 9, 2019.

Chair – Mark Evans (Austin)
Vice-Chair – David MacDonald (NC Triangle)
Past Chair – Patrick Cobb (South Carolina)
VP, Finance/Treasurer – Rick Bogren, ABC (Member-at-Large)
Secretary – Shelley Nelson (Phoenix) (This open position was filled by the vote of the Board at their May 2019 meeting.)
VP, Chapter Relations – Lynda Holder (Barbados)
VP, Communications – Jennie L. Lamb (Brazos Valley)
VP, Leadership Development – Jordan Nagle (Houston)
VP, Region Development – John Harris (Houston)
VP, Awards – Alison Shuman (South Carolina)

2) Representatives also approved changes to IABC Southern Region Bylaws, as recommended by outgoing Past Chair Mary Hardin Francis.

3) The IABC Southern Region wishes to extend gratitude to those past members rolling off the Board in June 2019: Mary Hardin Francis, Mary-Ellen Gitachu, and Laura Piper. Your multiple years of service to the Region are greatly appreciated!