Just as a good joke should have three parts, the most effective key messages often come in threes. In the final #connect2comms breakout sessions on Friday, Oct. 18, so did the takeaway lessons.

For example:

  • Speakers at a conference showing a slide

    Nick Wilson, left, and Michael Green from Texas A&M University

    From Texas A&M social media experts Nick Wilson and Michael Green on how to “future proof” your brand, consider:

    1. Where should you be? (i.e., find your niche communities),
    2. Why should they follow you? (be bold, be first, be original and be authentic.),
    3. What is your voice? (put down the megaphone and have a conversation.)
  • From Matt Tidwell and Eileen Hawley’s crisis communication session, remember
    • The “27-9-3” sound bite rule and think of your audience’s attention span. In other words, say it in
      • no more than 27 words
      • and nine seconds
      • and with three messages, ideas or points.
    • Give your three key points in this order:
      • the most important one first,
      • the least important second
      • and the second most important third.
    • From Eileen’s time as NASA spokesperson after the space shuttle Columbia crashed in 2003, there were three lessons (and messages) after the tragedy:
      • Find the crew and bring them home safely.
      • Find the problem and fix it.
      • Fly again safely.

Once again, many thanks to IABC Southern Region Vice President for Region Development John Harris for his blog coverage of #connect2comms!