connect2comms committee at the open reception

#connect2comms conference committe from left: Stacey Dickson, Brandon Babcock, Stacy Wilson, Michael Shepherd, Mary Francis, and David MacDonald

For #connect2comms Co-Chair Mary Hardin-Francis, the recently concluded #connect2comms conference was different in one major respect. 

“For the first time, I’ve slept better the month prior to the conference—because of the planning committee. I had confidence they would do what they said they would do, and they did,” she says.

She expressed her great thanks for the work of co-chair Brandon Babcock of Des Moines, past chair of the Pacific Plains Region; and members Stacey Dickson, David MacDonald, Michael Shepherd and Stacy Wilson, and the members of both regional boards.

A past chair of the Southern Region, Mary, of Houston, has served the conference in various leadership roles for 10 years, including four times as chair.

“I still enjoy the challenge, although it’s so easy for one little thing to go wrong. The pressure is there,” she says.

The gathering was the first joint conference between the two regions. Southern Region Chair Mark Evans says he found the experience a rewarding one.

“It was great to have both regions together and to share ideas and get to know each other, and to see how the IABC family really does extend beyond our chapter and region borders,” Mark says.

Many thanks to IABC Southern Region Vice President for Region Development John Harris for his blog coverage of #connect2comms!

If you attended #connect2comms, please take a moment to take the speaker surveys for the sessions you were in and the overall conference survey in the Guidebook app. Planning for next year starts now!