July 2014 eNews

Highlights: Farewell message from outbound chair Dianne Chase; recap of an extraordinary year for Southern Region.

May 2014 eNews

Highlights: Information for the Southern Region Annual General Meeting (deadline approaching for identifying delegates, plus members at large will have a part in the agenda!) Also news regarding our Regional conference, Silver Quill, and World Conference. Busy month!

April 2014 eNews

Highlights: Deadlines to the left of me! Deadlines to the right of me! Don’t miss out! Regional conference, Member Awards, Silver Quill, and World Conference scholarships.

February/March 2014 eNews

Highlights: It’s Southern Region’s version of March Madness with new website, new awards, and a new experts and events tool.

January 2014 eNews

Highlights: New Southern Region recognition awards announced. SoReg conference to be held in Austin.

December 2013 eNews

Highlights: End of the year message, new awards, engagement survey, Silver Quill wrapup, Austin to host Regional Conference in 2014