2019-2020 Board

2019-2020 IABC Southern Region Board – July 2019 Retreat in Austin, Texas

Howdy Fellow IABC-ers!

It has been such a pleasure to serve as a member of the IABC Southern Region (SoReg) Board these last six months! Moving up to the region board has rejuvenated my leadership commitment and given me the opportunity to work with a new and diverse group of people who share my passion for IABC. If you’re a chapter leader, I encourage you to consider serving at the regional level once your chapter commitments are complete.

During our December 2019 SoReg Board Meeting, our fearless leader,  2019-2020 Chair Mark Evans, asked us to review the goals we set for the first half of our board term at our July 2019 retreat. A review of those goals led me to create this list.

I am so proud and humbled to be able to work with this dedicated group of leaders who are striving to #CreateCommunity for our region’s chapters and members. Here’s to the second six months of our Board working to make the IABC Southern Region everything it can be—right now!

If I can ever be of assistance, please reach out to me via communications@iabcsouthern.com.

My very best always,
Jennie L. Lamb | VP, Communications
2019–2020 IABC Southern Region Board

July–December 2019SoReg Board Goals Accomplished

2019 Joint Regional Leader Summit Participants

2019 Joint Regional IABC Southern + Pacific Plains Leaders Summit Participants – October 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri


  • July 2019: Successful Goal-Setting SoReg Board Retreat
  • August–October 2019: Successful Joint Regional #connect2excellence Silver Quill Program
  • October 2019: Successful Joint Regional Leaders Summit
  • October 2019: Successful Joint Regional #connect2comms Conference

Struggling Chapter Outreach

  • Chair/Vice Chair/VP, Region Development calls + attendance at board meetings and other chapter events for multiple chapters
  • Offers of financial assistance for chapter leaders to attend #IABCLI in Feb. 2020

Members-at-Large Engagement

  • September 2019: Survey of SoReg Members-at-Large
  • Outreach emails:

connect2comms conference october 2019

October 2019 – #connect2comms Joint Regional Conference (IABC Southern + Pacific Plains) Opening Keynote Session


  • September–October 2019:  Successful Design + Production of New SoReg Event Banner
  • Ongoing: Successful E-newsletter Distributions + #CreateCommunity Messaging
  • December 2019: Successful #PDresources Social Media Campaign


  • Ongoing:
    • Monthly board meetings via Zoom with prompt and accurate agendas, finance reports, and minutes, etc.
    • A continuous flow of information from the Chair to the Board
      • Chapters’ status updates
      • IABC International updates

Closeup of a roadmap with a pushpin on Austin

#IABCLI: Feb. 20–22, 2020

Looking to the Future

Work on the following initiatives is already underway!

  • Planning for the SoReg Board Meeting + SoReg Reception at #IABCLI
  • Planning for 2020 SoReg AGM Call + 2020-2021 SoReg Board Call for Nominations
  • Research and planning for next term’s Silver Quill Awards Program
  • Research and planning for the next two SoReg Conferences
  • Promoting next term’s re-introduction of the SoReg Leadership Awards
  • Continuing to add content to the Resources page at iabcsouthern.com