We're All In This Together Australia fire image

One of the truly wonderful pieces of the IABC experience is knowing that you are a member of an international community of professional communicators. So, when tragedy and disaster strike around the world, you become keenly aware that your acquaintances, colleagues, and friends—your #IABCFamily—are no doubt suffering. Right here in the Southern Region, when Houston and New Orleans have been hit by the devastation of the aftermath of hurricanes, the global #IABCFamily have reached out to support us.

Now, it’s our turn to reach out and support the #IABCFamily in the Asia/Pacific (APAC) Region. Australia and surrounding areas are dealing with impacts of the unprecedented bushfire activity that is currently happening there. Please reach out to your #IABCFamily in that part of the world and let them know that they are in our thoughts. And, if you are so moved, please visit this post on the APAC website for information about how you can help bushfire-affected communities recover during this very difficult time.