Kendall Ficklin presenting a breakout session

Kendall Ficklin had everyone tapping into their inner animal.

One of the three breakout sessions at #connect2comms this morning had everyone either roaring like a lion, gracefully dancing like a flamingo, blending in like a chameleon, or staying deliberately cautious like a turtle.

The session “Unlocking the Potential of Your Team” by Kendall Ficklin, a speaker and corporate trainer from Atlanta, used the DiSC personality test to divide personalities into four animals:  the lion (a strong leader), flamingo (an interactive, intuitive counselor), chameleon (a dependable and empathetic colleague) and the turtle (the overly cautious, analytical type). (Actually, no one identified as a turtle.)

As Kendall put it, “Welcome to the jungle.”

So what can we learn about ourselves and others by understanding our personality characteristics (and theirs)?

An entrepreneur and corporate coach, Kendall had each participant move into one of the animal groups based on their personalities. He walked them through several fun exercises showing each animal’s pros and cons with pointers of how to work together. As a longtime fan of comic book and movie superheroes, Kendall also asked participants to choose which superhero was most like them: Superman, Batman, Storm, Spiderman, etc.

So which animals make the best teams and which the best leader? Every one of them, Kendall noted.

The trick is to tap into the qualities offered by each. Identify which team member with whom that animal works best based on their strengths and weaknesses, and “understand your superpower and make sure you can direct them in the jungle.”

And remember that three factors make a great team: Understanding yourself (self-awareness being the success in every facet of life), understanding others, and adapting and communicating to connect for desired results.

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