About the Administration Portfolio


From the IABC Southern Region Bylaws
Article 5, Section 1:
The chief officers of the Region shall be a … Secretary…. These officers shall perform the duties necessary for the office or as prescribed by the Region Board and will abide by these Bylaws and the parliamentary authority adopted by the Region. Any of the powers and duties of an officer to whom an assistant has been appointed may be exercised and performed by such assistant unless the Region Board or the Chair otherwise directs. All chief officers are expected to share with the Board updates on portfolio responsibilities, collaborate with other Board members as is necessary, and attend all Region Board Meetings and Regional Leaders Meetings unless other arrangements are made with the Chair.
(4) Secretary. The Secretary shall keep a record of all the proceedings of the Region; sign all certified copies of acts of the Region; be a signatory to the Region’s financial accounts; maintain official Region record books, Bylaws, policies, procedures, and any other documents; prepare meeting notices and orders of business; carry out administrative duties as assigned by the Chair; and serve on the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall serve a one-year term, and may be elected for a second consecutive term.

From the IABC Southern Region Bylaws
Article 8, Section 2:
The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair; Vice Chair; Past Chair; Secretary; Treasurer (VP, Finance); Chapter Services Vice President (VP, Chapter Services); and Communications Vice President (VP, Communications). The Chair of the Region Board shall chair Executive Committee meetings.

Other duties of the Secretary include:

  • sending notice of meetings to the voting delegates;
  • keeping track of proxies, if necessary;
  • verifying quorum at the beginning of meetings;
  • counting votes during meetings, if necessary;
  • acting as parliamentarian during meetings, if necessary; and
  • managing Region hospitality events.

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