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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) concepts have gone beyond focusing on five key groups — age, ability, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQIA+ — to an essential concept to be applied across businesses. From equality and inclusion in the way we work to embracing previously taboo discussions on mental health and neurodiversity in the...

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There has been no shortage of crises in the business world in recent months. From the failure of FTX and Silicon Valley Bank to the Norfolk Southern train derailment and fans revolting against Ticketmaster, there is more than enough fodder for a robust discussion about how companies can prepare for crises while establishing their reputations and communicate effectively when a crisis strikes.

The recording of the 20 April 2023, live...

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Crisis leadership can make or break a crisis. It takes specific skills to lead in a crisis, and few of us have them naturally. In acute and volatile situations, effective crisis leadership is not about winning, losing or finding the perfect solution. It’s about recognizing that while it’s not always possible to control the events, crisis leaders can control how they respond and behave. So how can companies better prepare for what might lie...

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Organizations are paying attention to employee experience (EX) trends and moving forward with emerging must-haves by degrees, but this will...


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Did you take the IABC Career Assessment? How did it go? What did you discover? As you scored your proficiency according to the IABC Proficiency Metric, did you find areas you want to discover or learn more about?

Many takers found their curiosity sparked as they worked through the list of statements and found hidden and untapped interests. Some takers...


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One of the characteristics of Thomas Friedman's creative and collaborative "flat world" is the necessity of lifelong learning. People need to find tools and resources to prepare for future work. He proposes that professionals make a social contract with themselves to embark on their lifelong learning journey. Friedman suggests learning with an open mind by...


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In 2005, Thomas Friedman’s provocative book, The World is Flat, hit the top of the New York Times Best Sellers in one week. He spoke to the rise of standards in business and professional practices so people could work together across companies and...

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It was a bold, bright April day in Lahore, Pakistan, in my earlier years, when my elderly father told me something valuable, broodingly narrating an insightful episode from his past. “When I left my father’s house in a small village to make a living in the big city of Lahore, I had only 20 rupees in my pocket and no impressive degree. But I had a passion that kept me awake every night until I graduated from a leading university of Lahore to...

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On 25 January, Shel Holtz’s Catalyst article, “Generative Artificial Intelligence for Communicators” served as a wake-up call of sorts. Widely respected in the IABC community and broader communication profession, Shel outlined compelling and ethically sound use cases for how generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology can fit...