A Little Heart to Heart with Me

Blog 3 in a series of 3 on the IABC Career Assessment

Did you take the IABC Career Assessment? How did it go? What did you discover? As you scored your proficiency according to the IABC Proficiency Metric, did you find areas you want to discover or learn more about?

Many takers found their curiosity sparked as they worked through the list of statements and found hidden and untapped interests. Some takers were reminded of interests they had put on the back burner, while other circumstances caused them to pursue other interests. Remember, each new interest identified is a possibility to pursue in a learning plan. Now is an excellent time to have a little heart-to-heart conversation to decide your focus. Do you want to progress to the next milestone in your career? Or do you want to increase your knowledge and understanding of a Principle?

What’s Your Next Play? The Communication Professional's Career Playbook” is a guide to planning your learning journey. Based on your responses, the self-assessment tool identified the communication professional’s current career milestone, areas of professional accomplishment and strengths and opportunities for continued career growth. Constructed on the Purpose and Principles of The Global Standard of the Communication Profession®, the self-assessment results and recommendations are a perfect starting point for commpros to reflect on their career strengths and determine where and what they want to do next.

Using the Playbook is simple and easy. You only need the PDF report you downloaded after completing the IABC Career Assessment and the Playbook. The assessment report is a snapshot of your career and proficiency in the communication profession's principles. The Playbook guides you in using your results and recommendations to plan where you want to go in your career. Answer the questions posed in the Playbook to continue your lifelong learning journey.

Do you want to talk about your plans? We have scheduled a webinar to discuss planning, Fuel Your Career - An Adventure in Professional Development on 13 April 2023. Join us to chat about lifelong learning for communication professionals and optimizing the flat world. Register Today

This is the third blog in a series of three on the IABC Career Self-Assessment tool for communication professionals.

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Amanda Hamilton-Attwell

Amanda Hamilton-Attwell, Ph.D., IABC Fellow, ABC, CPRP, RCC, is the founder of BusinessDNA, Pretoria, South Africa and a Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence member.

For over three decades, she has assisted companies in optimising communication to benefit the organisation’s strategic imperatives. BusinessDNA, the company she started 22 years ago, specialises in strategic planning, research and measurement, assisting business leaders in developing their competence and confidence in communication with their teams, producing state-of-the-art communication content and channels and communication coaching for executive leaders.

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Mary Hills

Mary Hills, MA, IABC Fellow, ABC, Six Sigma, serves as a Professional/Scholar in Residence in Loyola University Chicago’s MS Global Strategic Communication program and as Professional and Organizational Development Faculty for the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence. Her career has encompassed work at top 100 corporate companies in Chicago. Most recently, she was Business Principle of HeimannHills Marketing Group, Chicago and Phoenix. Utilizing her expertise in business management and communication, she published, in 2020, the Business of Business for Communication Professionals on-demand course to upskill communication professionals as they pursue communication management positions Her industry leadership and work in marketing and strategic communication has been recognized with the IABC Southern Region Hall of Fame Recipient (2022), IABC Rae Hamlin Award (2021), Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce – Fellow (2018), IABC Fellow (2016), IABC Chicago Karen Utterback Award (2015) and IABC Chairman’s Award (2012).