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Top five reasons to earn a Silver Quill Award

A silver whaaaat?

A quill is an old-fashioned pen made from a bird's feather which is used by dipping the tip in ink and writing on paper. Significant documents including parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the Magna Carta and the American Declaration of Independence were written and signed with quills.*

Now, it’s your turn.

You've already delivered communications that moved mountains. Work that started with SMART, outcome-based objectives and finished strong achieving--and even exceeding--the desired business results.

The Silver Quill Award celebrates you and your work. It’s a prestigious award program that the Southern Region of IABC is excited to bring to both members and nonmembers in the spirit of recognizing excellence in the communication profession.

This is your time to shine. In fact, the top five reasons to enter are to

  1. Showcase your innovation, talent and strategic thinking
  2. Fine-tune your skills with expert feedback from senior professionals
  3. Gain peer recognition for your excellence in professional communications
  4. Enhance your personal reputation and gain credibility for your communication program
  5. Build your resume with a portfolio of work that opens doors to new opportunities

What are you waiting for? It's go time.

Get ready to submit your communications work for an IABC Southern Region Silver Quill Award. You may enter work implemented, published or broadcast between Jan. 1, 2021 and the day of submission.

Rather than being judged against one another, all entries are evaluated on their own merit.

Four easy steps to enter

STEP 1: Choose your category

Choose from 50 categories in six divisions: Communication Management, Communication Research, Communication Training and Education, and Communication Skills, COVID-19 Communication Management, Research and Training, and COVID-19 Communication Skills.

STEP 2: Write your work plan

The work plan describes your project’s communication program, how it was developed, and what you intended to achieve. Create a tailored work plan for each entry.

Explore best practices for writing awards submissions that get noticed. Watch the Write to Win recorded workshops as a guide.

STEP 3: Prepare your work sample

Preparing a work sample is like preparing a portfolio.

STEP 4: Upload your entry and submit payment

You must upload, pay the registration fee in full, and submit all entries on or before the deadline on August 10 in order for them to be eligible for evaluation.

Receiving a Silver Quill Award demonstrates your professional value. You can do it!

Get additional details in the 2022 Call for Entries and at the Southern Region Awards.

Source: *History of quill pens. (2022).