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We have a leadership brand by accident or design. Let’s make yours by design!

How is your leadership known and how do you want it to be known? What is your Leadership Brand?

Simply put, your Leadership Brand is how you lead as the unique human being you are. It comprises your authenticity, clarity of expectations, vision, consistency, and value as a leader - and serves as a source of dependability and inspiration for others.

In his March 2010 Harvard Business Review article, introducing this concept, Norm Smallwood defined it this way: “A Leadership Brand conveys your identity, distinctiveness and value as a leader”.

Your Leadership Brand is Not your personal brand, which is aimed at “marketing oneself”, but rather serves to set and share expectations and clarity for followers. It provides energy, purpose, confidence, and a roadmap for success. The result is a sense of safety and belonging for those you lead, and desire to lead.

Our breakout session at connect2comms this year comes from years of experience and substantive research into the idea of a Leadership Brand. With the headwinds of change impacting the leadership environment, there is a need for more impactful leadership and clearer communication for the benefit of followers. We believe a powerful Leadership Brand is such a catalyst.

This especially interactive session combines narrative and creation. Participants are exposed to learning and understanding a Leadership Brand. Importantly, attendees will leave having created their own Leadership Brand Statement.

That Statement is a well-defined declaration for followers that addresses objectives, engagement, approach, and expectations. Our breakout session walks participants through the learning they may expect, along with coaching and “creation sessions” in building your Statement. The Statement becomes a platform for the leader’s brand. We’ll discuss your Statement in terms of communication, adoption, uses, enhancing it, and the importance of living it.

This session will offer insights into merging concepts of Leadership Style, Leadership Brand, and Leadership Identity -all from the vantage point of the individual. Working with participants, we’ll help them confirm or identify their own Leadership Style and potential issues around that choice, as well as the impacts. Our session is as much about your self-awareness as your leadership.

This Breakout is for leaders, coaches, communicators, organizations, businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs… no matter who or how you lead, or aspire to do so.

To learn more about how your Leadership Brand can advance your career, attend our session at the connect2comms Marketing & Communications Conference October 19-21 in Greenville, SC.