Chapter Services

About the Chapter Services Portfolio

Chapter Services Vice President

From the IABC Southern Region Bylaws
Article 7, Section 2:
The Region Board shall consist of the Chief Officers, plus a Vice President for each of the following positions … Chapter Services …. Vice Presidents are expected to share updates with the Board on portfolio responsibilities; collaborate with other Board members as necessary; and attend all Region Board Meetings and Regional Leaders Meetings unless other arrangements are made with the Chair, and fulfill any other duties as assigned by the Chair.
(1) Chapter Services Vice President (VP, Chapter Services). The Chapter Services Vice President shall oversee the duties of and counsel all Chapter Services Directors (CSDs); oversee committees, workgroups, and task-forces that focus on soliciting leader/member input to provide direction for the IEB; and provide counsel and support to Chapter leaders. The Chapter Services Vice President shall serve a one-year term and may be elected for a second consecutive term.

From the IABC Southern Region Bylaws
Article 8, Section 2:
The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair; Vice Chair; Past Chair; Secretary; Treasurer (VP, Finance); Chapter Services Vice President (VP, Chapter Services); and Communications Vice President (VP, Communications). The Chair of the Region Board shall chair Executive Committee meetings.

Chapter Services Directors

From the IABC Southern Region Bylaws
Article 7, Section 3:
Portfolio Directors for the Region will be comprised of Chapter Service Directors and ….
(1) Chapter Services Directors. The Region Board shall select and appoint the number of Chapter Services Directors (CSDs) as deemed needed for the given administrative year. They will provide regular, written reports on the status of their assigned portfolio Chapters to the Chapter Services Vice President; shall communicate with and provide counsel and active support to their assigned portfolio Chapters as needed; travel to each assigned Chapter as may be necessary; facilitate communication between the Region and their assigned portfolio Chapters; encourage Chapter participation in meetings, grant/scholarship programs, and any other available development opportunities; foster best-practice sharing between their assigned portfolio Chapters and other Chapters within the Region; and attend Regional Leaders Meetings held at the Southern Region annual conference and at the IABC Leadership Institute. Each CSD shall serve a one-year term and shall not exceed two consecutive years of service.

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