David S. Jones, ABC

Hall of Fame | 2020

Throughout his 45 years with the Texas A&M University Real Estate Center (the Center), David Jones was eager to learn and to innovate the Center’s communications programs, which he leads. By focusing on all six of the IABC Global Standard principles (ethics, strategy, analysis, context, engagement, and consistency), Jones is able to lead his organization to the highest level of excellence. This is evident by the numerous Quill awards of all levels displayed in the Center’s trophy case.

As IABC celebrates its 50th Anniversary, it is important to know Jones was a member before it was IABC. He was a member of the International Council of Industrial Editors (ICIE) that merged with the American Association of Industrial Editors (AAIE) to form IABC in 1970. In addition, he served as a dedicated volunteer at the chapter level for many years. In fact, he was present at the founding of the Brazos Valley IABC chapter in 1981. He was also a member of the IABC Dallas chapter, which named him Editor of the Year. In 1974, Jones was one of the first IABC members to achieve the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) designation.

Jones is always willing to help, whether it is judging a quill award or mentoring a young professional. Not only does he offer to mentor young professionals, but also genuinely seeks to learn from them in return. This is also evident of his staff since they value his interest in their opinions as much as they rely on his counsel and advice. His greatest asset is his ability to generate new ideas, but an even greater asset is to understand a good idea can come from anyone.

He is not one to settle for being a follower but instead is willing to take chances and explore creative territory, which has resulted in some of the Center’s most successful, innovative, and enduring publications and products.

Jones is a graduate of Texas A&M University and served time in the U.S. Army. Beyond work and IABC, he is also involved in his church, the Boy Scouts, and the College Station Noon Lions Club.

David is a member of Brazos Valley IABC. Connect with him on LinkedIn.