Robin McCasland, SCMP

Communicator of the Year | 2020

A conduit for change, Robin McCasland, helped her employees align to the shifting environment, structures, and strategies as a change leader for her organization. She did this by embracing the IABC Global Standard and executing around data and management to bring value to the organization that moved the bottom line. McCasland is one to offer value and make an influence no matter what role she is filling.

In her new role, McCasland was charged with making employee communication channels more effective, responsive, and strategic. She set very challenging goals and her team trusted McCasland, which made them very successful. McCasland’s team can now show how they add value to the business and how they engage employees. Strategic communication professionals, like McCasland, can not only change the corners of their world but can change the entire world.

McCasland has served numerous roles within IABC including past chairman of the International Executive Board, past chairman of the Research Foundation, chapter services director and treasurer of the Southern Region Board of Directors, and president of the Dallas and Fort Worth chapters. She recently launched a new podcast, Face It: You’re Afraid!, where she shares stories and personal methods for overcoming fears, leading to greater career satisfaction and quality of life. She is a graduate of The University of Texas.

Robin is a member of IABC Dallas. Connect with Robin on LinkedIn.