About IABC Southern Region Awards

Silver-Quills-TrophiesThe IABC Southern Region is proud to recognize outstanding achievement in communications work AND outstanding communication professionals!

Learn more and consider entering our Silver Quill Awards program—celebrating some of the best professional communications work in the world—done right here in the Southern Region! Rather than being judged against one another, all entries are evaluated on their own merits using the IABC’s Global Scale of Excellence seven-point criteria. Awards of Merit, Awards of Excellence, Best in Division and Best in Show trophies are presented to high-scoring entries at our Southern Region Awards Ceremony—usually held in conjunction with our Southern Region Annual Conference. You need not be a member of IABC to enter!

Leadership-awards-trophyLearn more and consider nominating deserving IABC Southern Region colleagues for our Leadership Awards—celebrating some of the best communication professionals in the world—who live right here in the Southern Region! These awards include the Rising Star Award, the Communicator of the Year Award (COTY), and the Hall of Fame Award. We encourage IABC Southern Members to work with their chapter boards to identify and nominate IABC members from their chapter for each of these awards every year. Rising Star nominees are young communication professionals, with no more than five years in the profession, and must be a volunteer leader in IABC. COTY nominees have at least one year of service in their current position, have established their careers within the communications profession for more than 10 years, and must have volunteer leadership experience with IABC. Hall of Fame nominees must be senior communicators who have contributed to the IABC Southern Region, or legacy districts, and do not have to be a current member.

About the Awards Portfolio Area

Awards Vice President

From the IABC Southern Region Bylaws
Article 7, Section 2:
The Region Board shall consist of the Chief Officers, plus a Vice President for each of the following positions … Awards. Vice Presidents are expected to share updates with the Board on portfolio responsibilities; collaborate with other Board members as necessary; and attend all Region Board Meetings and Regional Leaders Meetings unless other arrangements are made with the Chair, and fulfill any other duties as assigned by the Chair.
(6) Awards Vice President (VP, Awards). The Awards Vice President shall manage Southern Region awards programs, which include the Silver Quill Awards and the Leadership Awards. The Vice President shall have prior experience with another awards program. The Awards Vice President shall serve a one-year term, may be elected for up to three consecutive terms, but shall not exceed four years of service [in this position].

Awards Committee

From the IABC Southern Region Bylaws
Article 9, Section 6:
If deemed necessary, an Awards Committee consisting of two or more members, including the Awards Vice President (VP, Awards), who shall serve as chair of the committee, shall be appointed by the Chair in consultation with the Region Board. The Past Chair shall serve as an ex officio, voting member of the Awards Committee. A majority of the Committee’s members, including the Awards Vice President (VP, Awards), shall have managed or served on a Chapter, Regional, or International Awards Committee no more than four years prior to appointment. Committee members shall serve one-year terms and may be reappointed for a second consecutive term.

For more information about the Awards portfolio area, the Leadership Awards, or the Silver Quill Awards, please email