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Do you want to give back to IABC and the greater good of the communications profession? Do you want to build relationships with other IABC leaders and help local chapters thrive?

IABC Southern Region is looking for former chapter leaders (or current past presidents of chapters) who believe in the value of local chapters and are interested in volunteering as a Chapter Liaison (formerly known as Chapter Services Directors).

Chapter Liaisons build relationships with the leaders of assigned chapters to identify where chapters are excelling and where they may need some extra support. Chapter Liaisons will offer some direct support and mentoring, but more importantly, they help connect their chapters to other chapter leaders and Southern Region resources for the purposes of brainstorming, mentoring, and support.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Fill out our Chapter Liaison interest form.

Have questions about the role? Email chapterservices@iabcsouthern.com to schedule a time to chat.