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October 28, 2020 Update

Date: Oct. 28, 2020
Don Klausmeyer, ABC, VP Region Development

Here’s Your IABC Pro Dev and Networking Opportunity

Hello again IABC Southern Region members-at-large,

Here in North Texas, its cold, wet and dreary. Combined with the never-ending-lockdown, it’s just the sort of weather that makes me miss the type of connection only my decades-long association with IABC has provided: Professional development combined with the fellowship of other professionals who are a lot like me.

Fun fact: This year, the Southern Region’s connect2comms is the only IABC-sponsored professional development, networking conference available to all members other than the World Conference. (It’s not official certification prep, but rather offers the credit hours necessary for certification.)

Professional Development + Connections = connect2comms  

Three half days. On-demand access after the conference. Prep for the CMP and SCMP certifications. Networking opportunities. Hey—even some fun stuff is in the works. These are some of the benefits of registering for connect2comms coming up November 11-13, especially if you attend the live presentations (not required—you can always view on-demand, remember?).

Flexible Schedule, Less Demand on Your Time

Life, jobs and clients happen. I’ve missed many a conference session (and even whole events) because a boss, client or family member demanded or needed attention. At connect2comms, 2020 edition, a three half-day schedule will allow us to manage other commitments while still attending live presentations—and those ever-important networking sessions.

Certification Details (You know you should do this)

Southern Region’s connect2comms is the only current opportunity to acquire a significant number of necessary certification hours all in one place. Whether you are planning on taking, maintaining or renewing one of the IABC GCCC exams, you’ll be ahead of the game with the number of hours obtained either in person, or available on demand afterwards.

Best Game in IABC

Well it’s a darn good one, anyway. No other IABC region in North America is hosting a conference this year. None. That makes connect2comms your best opportunity for IABC professional development outside of International Conference next spring—at a much higher cost even in these COVID-19 driven virtual times.  

Hurry. Registration at regular member rates is good only through Saturday, October 31. All registration types increase by $50 beginning November 1.  

And Above All…

Stay warm and safe. Please reach out to me with questions about IABC or to any other Southern Region board of directors member.

All the best, 
Don Klausmeyer, ABC
VP Region Development

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August 20, 2020 Update

Date: August 20, 2020
To: Members-at-Large
From: Don Klausmeyer. ABC, VP Region Development

Hello IABC Southern Region Members-at-Large,

I’ve met some of you, but the majority not. As IABC Southern Region’s vice president, Region Development for the 2020-21 board term, one of my responsibilities is to keep in touch with the region’s members-at-large. That means you!

Fun fact: You’re in good company. There are between 60 and 70 members-at-large (it fluctuates) in IABC Southern Region.


IABC headquarters, IABC Southern Region and many chapters are moving professional development offerings online and available on-demand.
For example: IABC Dallas’ July online event featured an overview of the Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned (PESO) model and showed the value of PR to marketing.

  1. Browse the Southern Region’s Professional Development Resources page for free content available to download or replay.
  2. I plan to send notices by email of upcoming chapter-sponsored events as they are available.


What would you like to see from IABC Southern Region to enhance the value you gain through your IABC membership, especially networking opportunities? Would you participate in virtual happy hours via Zoom? If so, what frequency would you prefer? Please send your thoughts ideas to


The role of Member-at-Large director is dedicated to communicating and engaging with this group, plus it’s an excellent opportunity to meet your peers throughout the IABC Southern Region. To put your name forward or suggest someone,  please send me a note.


IABC Southern’s signature fall conference, connect2comms, has been reimagined for 2020 in virtual form. It’s scheduled to occur on three consecutive afternoons, November 4 through 6. Watch for content, registration and participation details.


The 2020 International Conference moved to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Did you participate, and would you give the experience a thumbs up or thumbs down? Please share any additional thoughts.


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