Professional Development Resources

We want to shine a light on some of the great professional development resources available to all of our members—particularly our members-at-large. We hope you’ll make it a habit to explore this list—which will continue to grow—to find some meaningful content to help you be the best professional communicator you can be!

IABC Southern Region’s SPARK webinar series


From 2014 to 2017, IABC Southern Region members Patrick Grady and Kim Rose hosted and produced a series of free webinars. SPARK (Sharing Perspectives And Regional Knowledge) was originally designed to engage IABC Southern Region members-at-large to participate in online education, networking, and professional development and to begin to develop a community among those individual members. It expanded to include chapter members across the region and beyond. Featured speakers included international experts from diverse backgrounds and specialties from throughout IABC, as well as speakers not directly affiliated with IABC. Participants were encouraged to tweet during presentations using #IABCSoRegSpark.

Unfortunately, a dedicated and exhaustive internet search has yielded only the final four of the 14-webinar series. If you have access to any of the other SPARK webinars, please reach out and share them with us to include here.

IABC Houston’s The Business Communicators podcast series

The Business Communicators podcast series takes professionals on a journey that explores the key issues and trends that impact our industry. Focusing on professional development, each episode features a compelling conversation with c-suite executives, strategists, nationally-acclaimed journalists, and digital influencers. The show is hosted and produced by Austin Staton. New episodes of the podcast will be released on the first and third Wednesday of each month. You can listen to the show on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play, and Simplecast.

Visit The Business Communicators at IABC Houston’s website to see the episode list.

IABC Colorado programming

  • Creating More Equitable Communications was presented by Sarah McAfee, director of communications at the Center for Health Progress. She discussed how equity principles, unconscious bias, and white privilege might exist in messaging and the unintentional, or perhaps intentional, impact it has on customers and relationships.

Kansas City IABC programming


IABC Dallas programming

  • The July 2020 online event featured an overview of the Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned (PESO) model and showed the value of PR to marketing.

IABC Central Oklahoma blog articles

Catalyst: Ideas + Inspiration for the World’s Communicators

In 2019, after nearly 40 years as Communication World magazine, IABC felt that a total refresh was needed, including a new name that truly reflects the communication profession. And so, the new print magazine and online content source was born. To access Catalyst, you must first login as a member at

Circle of Fellows podcast series

Each month, a group of IABC Fellows takes a deep dive into a single communication topic. The Circle of Fellows podcast series is produced and presented by Shel Holtz, ABC, on the For Immediate Release (FIR) Podcast Network.

IABC International podcast series

IABC’s official podcast—telling stories from across the IABC World. News, features, and interviews delivered to your favorite podcast app. Produced by the IABC Panel of Producers Task Force and presented by taskforce chair Dan Gold.

The Hub

An online community of IABC members from around the world—sharing knowledge, information about jobs, best practices, and more. Join the conversation!

IABC Academy

The IABC Academy is the brand for all professional development programs from IABC International. The Academy delivers strategic communication education and training, to help communication professionals advance in their careers and generate tangible business results for their organizations and clients. Take advantage of educational offerings from the IABC Academy, including online workshops that offer key knowledge and vital skill-building tools. Regularly scheduled webinars provide you with strategies for addressing current and emerging issues facing communication professionals today (free with IABC membership). All-access passes are available!

IABC Career Center

We all start somewhere, and we’re all going somewhere. Chart your career path. Visit the IABC Career Center to gauge where you are in your career, what competencies you need to master at each of the career levels according to the Global Standard for the Communication Profession, and what steps to take to get to the next level.

CMP & SCMP Certification from the
Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC)

Five ways certification can impact your careerVisit for more information about becoming a Communications Management Professional (CMP) or a Strategic Communications Management Professional (SCMP).

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