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For Business Communication Professionals

IABC is the only global association connecting you with the people and insights you need to drive business results.

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At the Southern Region of IABC, we support your ambition to advance your career, and we understand the challenges chapter leaders face.

We’re here for you.

IABC Members

We serve a community of professionals working in diverse industries and disciplines as they identify, share and apply the world’s best communication practices. IABC is recognized as the professional association of choice for business communicators who aspire to excel in their chosen fields.

Communication initiatives at top global and national brands are led by members in the Southern Region of IABC. A representative sample includes:

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The Southern Region brings you:

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Events & Conferences

Expand your knowledge, grow your network and develop your skills while gaining insights, strategies and tools.


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Showcase your achievements with a Silver Quill Award and recognize excellence through Leadership Awards.



Chapter Leader Support

Get personal, one-on-one coaching along with proven strategies and experience–the guidance and support you need to succeed.

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